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AEG Let’s Go! to Japan – Strategy Card Game




“AEG: Let’s Go! To Japan! Pack your bags! You are a traveler planning and experiencing your own dream vacation to Japan! While bouncing between Tokyo and Kyoto, you’ll visit can’t-miss tourist attractions and local flavors. Using over 100 beautifully illustrated cards drawn by Japan-based artists, you will discover activities and strategically place them to create your week-long itinerary. Puzzle out the optimal activities to maximize your experience while balancing your resources. Play competitively or solo, earning victory points by successfully navigating the cities, making the most of your favorite activities, and fulfilling your personal goals. The player with the most points wins, but everyone has the chance to create a memorable vacation. Let’s Go! to Japan is ideal for game nights with friends and family. It is designed by Josh Wood and artists Toshiyuki Hara, Erica Ward, Kailene Falls, Magdelena Pruckner, Hideshi Saiki, and On Yamamoto. Ages 10+, 45 Min, 1-4 Players.


Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)