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Franklin Sports Baseball Bat Grip Knob – Gator Grip Bat Nub


About this item

  • IMPROVE YOUR GRIP: The Gator Grip bat knob is a great way for all hitters to get better control of the knob of their bat. The increased knob size ensures your hand won’t slide and helps maintain your grip
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: These knobs are made from an ultra-durable, long lasting construction so it will remain taut and work season after season
  • GREAT FOR ALL HITTERS: Softball, baseball, and even teeball hitters will notice a difference in their hitting once they attach the grip knob
  • INSTRUCTIONS: For a tight, secure fit, stretch the narrower opening on the hand side (side with notches) to slide it onto the handle first. Once on the handle, slide it down until the hollowed out space on the knob side fits snugly around the knob
  • REDUCES STING: The rubber knob is great at absorbing the vibration of the bat after contact to reduce the stinging feeling in the hands
  • Size One Size
    Sport Baseball, Softball
    Brand Franklin Sports
    Material Other
    Color Navy

Product Description

Franklin Sports’ MLB Gator Grip Bat Knob is the perfect baseball or softball bat accessory for any hitter! The ultra-durable and flexible construction absorbs shock after contact to help eliminate hand sting while also improving your grip on the bat handle. Plus, the ultra durable and flexible construction is designed to stay tight and ready go season after season. When sliding the grip knob onto your bat, make sure hand side (narrower opening) slides onto the bat first. This will secure your grip knob in place no matter how many swings you take. Once it’s on your ready to swing away and feel the difference!