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Franklin Sports Kids Ice Hockey Sticks – Ripper Junior + Youth Composite Hockey Sticks


  • LEFTY JUNIOR STICK: This right handed 55″ inch junior hockey stick has been specially designed for ice hockey players to have total control on the ice for maximum performance
  • FLEX: Designed with a 50 flex, lightweight shaft so players can use more of their body weight on the stick for easier flexion to apply more power and accuracy to shots and passes
  • EXTRA GRIP: The shaft of this stick is covered by a layer of Neogrip surface texture for increased grip on the stick for easier stickhandling and puck control on the ice
    • MID CURVE BLADE: This stick is outfitted with a mid-curve blade for a dynamic, responsive feel when handling the puck which will help players capitalize their control over shooting, passing, and puck handling skills
    • JUNIOR COMPOSITE STICK: Built for longer lasting durability this junior composite stick is lightweight, 55″ in shaft length and is specifically designed to help players level up their skills