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Our Services

Designed to optimize logistics operations and improve supply chain management. Our professional platform offers a variety of solutions to fit your warehouse, shipping label, and labeling needs.

Please take advantage of our spacious warehouses, which have plenty of space to meet your inventory needs. Our warehouse has an unloading dock for heavy vehicles, guaranteeing efficient handling of your merchandise. A proper shelving and shelving system ensures that various items are organized, providing separation and accessibility.

Pacific Wholesaler offers competitive pricing on mailing, ensuring cost-effective solutions for your packaging needs.

Our sticker prices apply to packages weighing up to 70 lbs:

  • UPS labels: $3.5 per label
  • USPS Subscriptions: $2.5 per label

Our labeling service takes the hassle out of minimum order quantities (MOQs), providing flexibility and convenience for shipping your products. Whether you need labeling for FBA/WFS or e-commerce platforms, Pacific Wholesaler offers efficient solutions:

  • FBA/WFS: 
  • It costs $1 per item, which includes receiving, inventory, labeling, and shipping to the shipping company.
  • FBM/AMZ/Shopify/TikTok/Walmart/eBay:
  • The cost is $2.5 per item, without a box, receipt, 14-day storage, labeling, and postage.
  • Costs are $3 per item, with a box, and the same services are included.

Partner with Pacific Wholesaler for expert 3PL offerings designed to optimize your logistics operations and increase the performance of your delivery chain. Experience our platform’s convenience, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for all your warehousing, shipping label, and labeling requirements.