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About Us

Our Story

Greetings, PacificWholesaler here. We are a leading global brand wholesaler and distributor of quickly-moving consumer goods.

We have established a solid reputation as a reliable partner for both clients and international merchants because of our history of innovation, diversity, and evolution. Our path has been characterized by quality, expansion, and the development of solid alliances with top companies both domestically and internationally.

We are driven by values

We attribute our longevity and success to a precedent set by our founder nearly a century ago – demanding that every choice we make be informed by integrity, passion, and service.


Our goal is to be the cornerstone of a dynamic and effective supply chain that seamlessly links manufacturers and suppliers with retailers. We are committed to finding premium goods in large quantities from a variety of vendors and supplying them to retailers in a timely, dependable, and economical manner. To ensure that commodities move smoothly through the supply chain and, ultimately, increase our partners’ competitiveness and success, our main objective is to optimize the distribution process. We’re dedicated to offering value-added services and building solid, cooperative bonds with retailers and suppliers. Driving operational excellence, cutting expenses, and assisting in the long-term, sustainable growth of the companies we support are the cornerstones of our purpose, all while upholding the highest levels of professionalism and honesty.


Integrity: The foundation of our business is honesty and openness. In every facet of our work, we strive to uphold ethical standards and conduct business with honesty. We are steadfast in our resolve to uphold trust with our clients and partners.
Innovation: A key component of our progress is accepting change and being innovative. We are always looking into new ways to improve our services, provide unmatched products, and keep ahead of industry trends.
Cooperation: The foundation of our success is our capacity to create enduring, solid bonds with others. We see cooperation as important, and we consider our partners and clients to be essential parts of our journey. Together, we can accomplish common objectives and promote prosperity for all.