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Cloud b Star Projector Nightlight with White Noise Soothing Sounds


Color Twinkling Twilight Turtle Pink
Shape Cloud
Material Plush
Light Source Type led
Power Source Battery Powered

About this item

  • COMFORTING: Select from 3 different light effects or 3 soothing colors. Amber radiates warmth, green represents nature, and blue helps calm the senses. The soft, illuminating glow from the Twinkling Twilight Turtle also serves as a nightlight to make the dark less intimidating.
  • 8 CONSTELLATIONS: Use the Star Guide to help your child discover eight major constellations, including the Big Dipper.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Settings for brightness and sound create a fully controllable experience for various environments. Long life LEDs that don’t heat up.
  • AUTO-OFF: After 45 minutes, Twinkling Twilight Turtle shuts off to save battery power and to create a quiet environment for deepest sleep.
  • TWINKLING TWILIGHT: A new spin on our original award winning Twilight Turtle! The Twinkling Twilight Turtle projects a starry sky on the ceiling and walls of any room. By selecting a colorful projection and your favorite melody, you can share a moment of calm and magic with your child.

Light projection musical soft toys—Twinkling Twilight Turtle

More than just nightlights, a new spin on our original award winning Twilight Turtle! Now with 2 soothing melodies and 100’s of stars

that “twinkle” on and off, the new Turtle projects several colorful star patterns on the ceiling and creates a multicolor light show on the shell.

Our nightlights are a perfect part of a bedtime routine and help children soothe themselves into a deep sleep. And they are always ready to reassure a child who may wake up in the middle of the night. The nightlights have a timer that will automatically turn off the light and make way for darkness, which is the optimal sleep environment and recommended by pediatricians. Ideal for toddlers and kids!